Training for Tank and Apparatus Builder
Training for Technical Draftsman / (Technical Product Designer / in specialty equipment and plant engineering)

We would be happy to receive your application for 2022/2023!

We offer:

  • Short commutes close to family or friends
  • Varied tasks
  • Modern work equipment and state-of-the-art machinery
  • Comprehensive and thorough training with extensive technical support
  • Possibility for assembly work at home and abroad
  • Very good takeover opportunities (almost 100%)
  • Safe workplace
  • No shift work!!!
  • Takeover of school travel costs
  • Family business
  • Joint social events
  • Free drinks

We offer graduates a technical training for Tank and Apparatus Builder. In this profession certainly you will not be bored, because every job is different. We are working in the production hall and at the customer site. Have we sparked your interest? Then apply here or an apprenticeship with us.

Training for Tank and Apparatus Builder

What does a container and apparatus builder actually do? To produce food, drinks or medical products, so-called container and apparatus makers are needed. The specialists are responsible for the planning, installation and maintenance of high-performance specialty boilers and vessels for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage and large-scale industries. The diversified training lasts three and a half years. Not only knowledge is gained to build the complex equipment, but also how it is planned. Soldering, welding and all types of metalworking are part of everyday working life. In order to be able to get an idea of the demanding profession of container and apparatus builders, it is recommended to do a pupil internship at our company.

Everything you need to know:


  • materials cut with angle, plate shears, saws or plasma system
  • materials forming with bending machine, die press (press brake) crimper or with a driving tool
  • materials add with welding equipment, soldering or riveting
  • materials or machined with drill, lathe or milling machine

What is the training like?

  • duration 3,5 years (shortening of apprenticeship with good grades possible)
  • based training, vocational school and inter-company training
  • use on construction sites possible


  • college student
  • technical understanding
  • good spatial imagination
  • joy of independent and accurate work
  • openness to tricky problems
  • happy working in a team

News from the apprenticeship container and apparatus builders:

A new training regulation came into force for the apprenticeship of container and apparatus builders.

The new training regulations for container and apparatus builders replace the predecessor ordinance of 1989, which came into force on 01.08.2018. In an amending ordinance of the year 1998, only one change of name from „Coppersmith“ to „Container and apparatus builders“ was carried out. After more than 27 years, there was a need for modernization. On October 19, 2016 began the reorganization process. After only eight months, the text of the regulation on the legal review drafted by the social partners was ready. On January 2, 2018, the ordinance was published in the Federal Law Gazette.

The modernization of the training regulations was necessary in order to adapt the in-company training with regard to the content and technical developments of the professional practice. For the modernization changed work and business processes as well as new materials, machine systems and production techniques were the decisive factors. In addition, customer orientation, digitization, English language, teamwork and lifelong learning were included in the qualifications to be taught.

The previous examination structure of the classical intermediate examination and journeyman’s examination was replaced by the extended journeyman’s examination. The journeyman’s exam is divided into parts 1 and 2 with the examination areas:

  • Part 1: Pipeline construction and
  • Part 2: Tank construction, plant engineering, maintenance as well as economics and social studies.

The examination areas are weighted differently:

  • Pipeline construction with 25%,
  • Tank construction with 35%,
  • Plant technology with 15%,
  • Maintenance with 15% as well
  • Economic and Social Studies 10%.

(Info from ZVSHK)

Training for Technical Draftsman / (Technical Product Designer / in specialty equipment and plant engineering)

Everything you need to know:


  • create models in 2D and 3D
  • create derivation, port lists, etc., right up to TÜV-Süd-drawing
  • create of technical documents
  • creating documentation

What is the training like?

  • duration 3,5 years (shortening of apprenticeship with good grades possible)
  • training company and vocational school


  • college student
  • good grades in mathematics, physics, engineering
  • accuracy, care and spatial awareness
  • commitment and perseverance
  • joy in technical operations
  • openness to new experiences
  • good computer skills

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