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Juice extraction system for root vegetables

In cooperation with the Institute of Food Technology at the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HWST) and Hiller Zentrifugen in Vilsbiburg, we have developed a system for juicing root vegetables. The objective was to develop an overall process that the organoleptic characteristics of the juice significantly improve and offer a more economical alternative to the conventional processes.

With a pre-crusher and our hammer mills we milled celery, carrot and beetroot. In addition to root vegetables mentioned above, we can process almost all raw materials for the production of juices. For the highest possible juice first the cell structure and, finally, the vacuoles in the cells must be disrupted. To this end, we have designed a high-performance mill. It can be operated at a speed of up to 4,500 rev / min.

The overall concept of the juice extraction aims to take advantage of the heat energy expended for the preservation of the juice efficiently. In order to achieve the lowest possible impact on the sensory properties of the juice, the exposure of the heat is held as low as possible. We can completely produce the necessary heat transfer systems in our own workshop.

The sensory tests and blind tastings by the Institute of Food Technology of HWST have shown that we were able to achieve a significant improvement in quality properties as compared to the existing methods of juicing with this system.

The system consists of:
1. pre-shredder for uniform loading of the power mill
2. high performance mill: digestion of various raw materials
3. heat exchanger: heat the mash in counter flow with juice
4. decanter: juicing the mash
5. pasteuriser: preservation of
6. plate heat exchanger for the juice process
7. tubular heat exchanger drying grains

We offer a complete system for juicing – not only of root vegetables – from a single source. We can accompany you competently from the design, installation and integration into your existing procedures together with performance optimization.



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