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Empl-Anlagen is your specialist for special steel and metal components. Through our many years of experience and to our specialist staff plus certification, we can offer you optimal solutions in this area.

The new standard DIN EN 1090 requires:

A manufacturer or distributor of structural components made of steel or aluminum must be certified according to DIN EN 1090 since July 2014. The components must be CE marked to bring the components to the European market. The certificate is thus a necessary prerequisite for the CE marking of your steel and aluminum components and the free movement of goods in the EU. The certification confirms the supervision of the factory and the factory production control.

This concerns the following components:

  • Weldments
  • Stages (assembly platforms, maintenance platforms, platforms for technological processes, railings)
  • Steel structures (e.g. supporting structures etc.)
  • Art
  • Special containers for production plants
  • Roof constructions
  • Facade elements
  • Privacy walls
  • Special constructions
  • etc.

Following the successful introduction of DIN EN 1090 for steel structures in accordance with execution class EXC2 in 2014, we, as a welding specialist company, succeeded in increasing the approval to execution class EXC3 in the context of a change certification at the end of July 2018. The European standard DIN EN 1090 regulates the proof of conformity, the factory production control, the manufacturer certification as well as the CE marking for load-bearing steel and aluminum components, which are put on the market as building products.

As a quality-conscious company, our goal is to meet all the requirements of our customers in all areas, including the design and production of steel structures and individual steel components. We take into account all legal requirements and have acquired a high quality, environmental and safety thinking. The primary objective of our quality policy is to satisfy our customers with first-class and error-free products and to maintain a long-term customer-supplier relationship based on reliability. Rather, the quality of our products should be seen as a challenge to constantly improve ourselves and to meet the ever-increasing demands of an increasingly globalized market.

The execution class EXC3 covers predominantly dormant and not predominantly dormant components or steel structures up to strength class S700, for which at least one of the following application cases applies:

  • Large-scale roof structures of meeting places or stadiums
  • Building with more than 15 storeys
  • Mainly dormant weir locks at extreme drainage volumes
  • The following non-predominantly static structures or their components: pedestrian and cycle bridges, road bridges, railway bridges, flying structures, towers and masts (for example, aerial structures), crane runways, cylindrical towers (e.g. steel chimneys)

The EXC3 execution class also applies to other comparable structures and components.

Our factory production control is now certified with this change certification for load-bearing components and kits for steel structures up to EXC3 according to DIN EN 1090-2 in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 205/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 09.03.2001.



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