Also we can´t overcome the physics. But we can use them!

Empl-Anlagen has many years of experience and solid knowledge in classical pipeline construction. Examples of the applications include: pharmaceutical industry (GMP – compliant installation), food industry, demineralised water lines, ultrapure water distributions e.g. WFI lines, CIP piping, process piping, eg, compressed air lines, steam supply, etc.


Besides the external visual inspection of the welds even the inside of the tube can be checked visually by endoscopy. A several-meter-long, flexible endoscope transmits the image of the root greatly magnified on a screen, without any doubt the existing anomalies or temper colors can be detected. The finding is digitally and permanently documented. The evaluation of the recording and of the welds is carried out by fully trained and qualified personnel with special welding skills. We own two endoscopes, so the installation test allows a punctual completion of projects.

Orbital welding

Orbital welding machines allow welding of pipes with machine precision. We use orbital and ARC orbital welding equipment (for example, in the pharmaceutical and beverage area). The welding process can be documented and printed out. Numerous, most modern accessories and a variety of different welding heads guarantee the fulfillment of individual needs. With the orbital welding equipment, we may have different tube diameters and wall thicknesses welded (of diameter 10 mm to 230 mm). In addition, we can connect our residual oxygen meter (ORBmax Orbitalum) to ensure controlled welding under oxygen exclusion.

Tube bending

Rational service – exact bends and piping with a CNC controlled tube bending machine in order to be able to offer our customers a diverse range of different tasks in pipeline construction economically and efficiently. In the production of foodstuffs and in the chemical industry, special requirements are placed on the pipelines. In addition to the tightness, it is necessary to drain the pipelines completely and clean without residue. In conventional piping prefabricated arches are welded to straight pipe ends. The variety of separation points must be reworked consuming to meet the requirements. In automated tube bending, the geometry is made by various cold deformation methods. The material structure remains largely unaffected and the necessary separation points can be positioned at a suitable location.

Application examples:

  • arches and floors
  • complete pipelines in plant and mechanical engineering
  • U-bends for heat exchangers (serial geometry change)
  • conduction modules for mechanical engineering
  • frame and handrails
  • guard
  • curved brackets
  • rings


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