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Thermal separation processes are all separation processes based on the setting of a thermodynamic phase equilibrium.

The following thermal separation methods belong to this:

    • distillation plants
    • rectification
    • extraction plants
    • evaporation
    • Drum and vacuum dryer
    • etc.

We plan and manufacture multistage water injection units (WFI).

Evaporation plant for dairy: The object of the system is to concentrate 45000 m³ / h skim milk or whey from 9% to 50% dry matter. To preserve the milk, this process does not take place at atmospheric pressure (such as in the pot on the stove), but at a reduced pressure (vacuum) in the apparatus, so that the cooking temperature never exceeds 68 ° C.

The apparatuses, made in a horizontal position, are placed vertically at the site. It extends the upper part of the apparatus about 14 meters above the building’s roof into the open air, the lower part with many other parts of the plant is based in the production hall.

Extraction equipment installation work in the radiator is called downdraft evaporator wherein the evaporation of the milk film is carried out, which flows to the inner wall of 18 m long pipes in several passages from top to bottom. In the lower part is milk and water vapor separate; the latter is sucked by an engine of about 650 kW at the radiator 1 of a large fan and compressed. After compression, the vapor condenses on the outer surface of the heating pipes and so provides the heat for the evaporation of water from the product film on the inside of the tubes.

In the two small downstream evaporator stages is concentrated from the intermediate concentration of about 38 % dry matter to 50 % dry matter. The concentrate immediately goes to the spray dryer tower to continue with hot air, the residual water is driven from the concentrate and then dried milk powder.

The essential data of the apparatus are:

Level 1:
total length stage 1: approx. 27 m
total weight: approx. 74 to
max diameter: 4.9 m / 3.2 m + 100 mm isolation
6 product paths
built-in pipes: about 1200 pieces
length of pipes: approx. 22000 meters

Level 2:
total length: approx. 27 m
total weight: about 25 to
max diameter: 2.3 m / 1.3 m + 100 mm isolation
3 product paths
built-in pipes: 235 pieces
length of pipes : 5170 meters

Level 3:
total length: approx. 27 m
total weight: about 20 to
max. diameter: 1.6 m + 100 mm isolation
4 product paths
built-in pipes: 339 pieces
length of pipes: 7458 m

Due to the very large heating surface approximately 4800 m² the energy requirement of the system is extremely low. Thus, the drive motor of the fan on the evaporator requires only about 450 kW and the two high concentrators only 2.2 to / h of steam. The plant components are largely surrounded by a thermal insulation, so that practically no heat losses occur.



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